Race Against the Sunset

July 22, 2015

Bored? Wanna play a little game? How about on a count of 3 we both spout out the first word that comes to our minds regarding a subject? Sound fun? Coolios! Ready?...1...2...3! FRUITS! Did we guess right? ha! Pretty dry game I know, but hey, it's better than dosing off into the nothingness all day long, though I won't criminalize you for that because, quite frankly, I'm pretty sure everyone's been guilty of that at some point over the duration of the summer time season.

Baked Portabella with Eggs

July 14, 2015

There are a couple of things in this world that I would go crazy without, or better yet, my stomach would. And that my friends would be portabellas, or mushrooms in general. Ask my friends. Whenever we hit up a burger joint and there's a shroom burger, it's a must order for me. So if you're sucker for shrooms like I am then we're mad cool! If not, then would me telling you that they're also low in calories *wink* *wink* make it a little more convincing for you guys to eat them?

Anywho, the grocery store in my area recently had a huge sale for these mega size portabella caps so you guys could already guess from my mentioning earlier that I grabbed myself a few suckers to last my appetite for the next couple of days.

This is also, surprisingly, my first attempt at trying Baked Portabellas with Eggs, after many long devoted hours spent browsing Pinterest. No regrets because I have no idea what I was thinking not ever having had tried such a quick, simple, and satisfying recipe. Feel free to continue reading if you're interested in whipping some up for yourself.

East of Eden

July 10, 2015

In recent years, it has become a frequent habit of mines to go scavenging in the back of my parents' closet for gold. And no, not literal gold because that would make me of equal status to being an heiress of the Lannister family from Game of Thrones. But gold like authentic Lanvin bags being that they are authentic 80s and 90s clothes that my parents and the kid version of myself use to sport back in the retro days. Shopping without the hassle of getting in my car and spending a dime? What girl doesn't like that? Not to mention the best part being whenever I would walk outside the house with my new find goods, my parents would comment on how familiar some of my garments look, bringing back the good old times.